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Monday 25th January

Welcome back : ) We hope you had a good weekend.

This week we will continue our focus on multiplication, learning more about commutativity and how facts are linked. In English we are hoping to gather information by making notes. This will help us to create our own non-chronological reports. Our Science lesson today will teach you all about electric circuits, how they work and which visual symbols represent the different components. Maybe one of you might be a budding electrician! 

Google Meet will be at 12:00p.m. as usual and we look forward to seeing you if you can join us. If you can't, keep emailing and sending us your fantastic home learning work.











Class Assembly

This week we are learning what 'courageous advocacy' means and how we can learn to support one another more.

CLICK HERE to begin the assembly

MATHS: multiplication

Today we'll learn how multiplication is commutative and how multiplication is the inverse of division.

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson.

ENGLISH: Non-chronological Reports

Angler Fish

Today we will read a text and make notes by identifying key information.

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This week we are learning how to use the suffix 'ion'. When the root word ends in 'd', 'de' or 'se' then the suffix 'ion' needs to be 'sion'. Practise your spellings whenever you can throughout the week. Make sure to test yourself on them regularly. Do you understand what the words mean? Can you practise using them in different sentences?

READING - Hidden Depths: Exploring the Deep

CLICK HERE to being the lesson.

SCIENCE - Electricity

Last week, we looked at static electricity. This week we'll be looking at electricity in a circuit.

We'll look at the different components and then we'll find out how we can use these components to build an electrical circuit.

Ideally,  you will have a pencil, a coloured pencil and a ruler for this lesson.

You will find a sheet of questions in your pack so you won't need paper.

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson.

Brain Break Activities

CLICK HERE to learn about series and parallel electric circuits


CLICK HERE to find the BBC bitesize page that covers the topic of electric circuits including how to draw a diagram using symbols for the different components in a circuit