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Good morning Year 3 I hope you are all safe and well and ready to learn. It will be a bit different than usual but I'm sure we can work together to carry on learning and keep busy. Try your best with all the ideas I post and make sure you always date your work and use your best presentation skills.


Literacy/ History

Ancient Greek Life



Think about your learning on the Ancient Greeks. Complete further research about life in these times (on a computer or tablet if you have access to one) or make notes about what you have already learnt in school.


There are two options for this piece of learning. You could either:

a) Write a day in the life of – based on someone who lived in that time period. Consider everyday life, homes, food, jobs, warfare. You could create a labelled timeline to help you then write a first-person recount of your day. Use fronted adverbials to link it.


b) Create an informative quiz about life in those times. Use your facts and knowledge to write questions (and answers!). Test it out on a family member!

Possible headings could include:


Men and Women








But you can use any others you think of.