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Monday 11th May 2020

Hello Year Four, I hope you are all ok and that you had a lovely long weekend. Your learning challenges for today are below. Please use the class email address if you have any questions about your learning or if you want to share anything you have learned at home. Keep shining!



Please look at the picture below, then choose some of the activities to do in your exercise book from school. You could share your learning with your teachers by asking a parent to help you send a picture of your learning to your class email address.



Story starter!

No one knew where they had come from. Nobody had even been there when they appeared.

Once word had spread about these mysterious objects, people had started to flock from far and wide.

Sophie loved a mystery, and she herself had journeyed a great way to see if the rumours she had heard were true. She stood on the makeshift stone path that had been hurriedly thrown down to guide the curious onlookers through the scorching desert, and gazed in amazement at the sight that greeted her bewildered eyes…


Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

In front of her was a big teapot. All around her was desert.


Question time!

Where have these objects come from?

What is inside them?

Who is Sophie and why is she so interested in these objects?

Where has she travelled from? How did she find the teapots?

Why have people built scaffolding up against them?

Who are the people in the tents and why are they there?

What do you think caused the teapots to crack?


Perfect picture!

Can you draw or describe where you think these strange teapots have come from?



Have a look at . First watch today's video, pausing it to try out ideas, then have a go yourself.

Parents can sign up for information about maths at home here... .



This lesson contains some activities to practise problem solving with multiplication and division.

This lesson includes:

  • one videos
  • three interactive activities



Problem solving

Watch the video from BBC Bitesize on solving maths problems.



Activity 1

Try the worksheet on division below. Print it out or write your answers on paper. The answers are at the bottom.



Activity 2

Multiplication and division challenge worksheets

Have a go at the worksheets below (the answers are there too). You could print them off or write the answers on paper.

Activity 3

Quiz with Wise Owl

Have a go at the quiz below on multiplication and division.

Can you get them all right?

Curriculum - Jigsaw PSHE


Our Jigsaw PSHE lesson today is all about making NEW friends...



Children explain how you make friends

How do you make NEW friends?


Please design a poster to share ideas on how to make friends with someone new. You could draw or write, whichever you prefer!

Curriculum - PE


Joe Wicks will be sharing an online workout each day at 9am. Why not have a go with your family each day. Exercise is great for your physical AND mental health, especially if you're staying at home.


Join Joe Wicks - The Body Coach -  every morning at 9:00am on YouTube!