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Hi Year 2 

I hope you have all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend, and hopefully had some brilliant celebrations for VE day on Friday. I would love to see any pictures of you celebrating or of the different activities you did as part of last week's learning activities!



This week we will be following the BBC Bitesize daily lessons on


Today's focus is refreshing your phonics knowledge when writing sentences about exploring.

There are 3 activities, you can choose to do as much or as little as you would like.


Start by playing the Simple Sounds mini game on Small Town Superheroes. Find the link on the website.


Activity 1: Hunting for sounds

Pick five sounds that were covered in the Simple Sounds mini game above. If you completed the phonics lesson last week, try picking some sounds that you didn't choose then.

Go on a hunt around your home or garden and try finding objects that contain these sounds. Make a list of the items you find for each sound.


Activity 2: Phonics in the rainforest

Watch the short video on the website and then try this activity.

  • Write down the names of some of the animals you recognised in the rainforest video.
  • Using your phonics knowledge, try writing down any words that were in the video that you hadn't heard before.
  • Using the list of new words you've created, quiz the people around you to see if they know the words.


Activity 3: Write a postcard


Imagine you have been to the rainforest.

Write a postcard to somebody you know explaining what it's like there. You could write this to a friend, a family member or even your school teacher.

  • Make sure you use capital letters and full stops in your sentences.
  • Include some description. For example, In the rainforest there are amazing animals and lots of colourful plants.
  • Make sure you finish your postcard with a closing like 'lots of love' or 'from' .


Watch the video for Adding and subtracting tens: Week 4 lesson 1 on 

or also


Then try the activities on BBC Bitesize


Activity 1

This worksheet from Twinkl contains 3 tasks. Have a go at each task.

Activity 2

This football themed worksheet from Twinkl contains 3 tasks about adding and subtracting two-digit numbers with ones and tens. Have a go at each task and see if you can reveal the picture!

Activity 3: Karate Cats

Play the addition and subtraction level of Karate Cats Maths - Can you collect a coll new costume for your cats? Find the link to the game on today's lesson on BBC Bitesize.

Wider curriculum (PE)

A great way to get moving again after the bank holiday weekend is to join in with Joe Wick's PE lesson. I know a lot of you have been doing these most days and really enjoying them. Perhaps you could come up with your own PE session for your friends or family to do?