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Good morning everyone and welcome back to your home learning for the next few weeks. I know it's hard to get back into learning when you're doing it from home away from your friends but it'll keep you busy and stop your brain turning to mush so let's get going.....


Today is all about data - please ignore the date it was for last week when we were still on holiday ....



You'll need to complete these tasks in your literacy book under the title Sorting Hat and today's date.

Religious Education


This half term we will be studying Jesus as a man who changed lives. Today I'd like you to make a list of people who inspire others - this means a person who can make people do something and feel they can do it. An example of this might be Florence Nightingale inspired people to become nurses.

You can include anyone on your list but you must give a reason why they inspire you. Please write this in your literacy book under the title Inspirational People.