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Letters and sounds


Can you explore some of the games on phonics bloom to practice your letter recognition, blending and segmenting?



Begin to share the story of ‘Supertato’. Read up to the part where Evil Pea traps the vegetables under a shopping basket.

Talk to your grown-up about what the characters might be feeling. What might they be saying? Can you create a speech bubble for one of the characters including what they are saying?



This week we are going to be focusing on sharing. Each day there will be a practical challenge to help us understand sharing.


You have 6 biscuits; can you share them between 3 people in your house? You could share them with teddies if you would like.


Remember, when we are sharing, everyone needs to have the same amount. Can you count how many biscuits each person has to check you have shared them fairly?



Choose a challenge from the home learning challenges grid.



Don’t forget to practice your own reading books every day. You can have a look on Bug Club to find more books in your book band.

Dance break of the day

Sing-a-long song of the day