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Listen to the story "The Enormous Turnip" you can find it here on YouTube:


  • Draw a picture from the story
  • Can you say what happened at the beginning; in the middle; at the end?
  • Who were the characters in the story?



Get some vegetables from your kitchen.

  • Can you name the vegetables?
  • Order the vegetables by size - Which is the biggest? Which is the smallest?
  • Can you think of any other words for big and small?
  • Are there any other ways that you can sort the vegetables? (colour, how they grow, texture?)


Jigsaw (Personal, Social and Emotional Development)

Weekly Celebration: Know how to be a good friend and enjoy healthy friendships


Listen to the story "A Friend Like You" by Andrea Schomburg you  can find it here on YouTube:


  • Draw a picture of a friend
  • What do you like doing with your friend?
  • Why do you like to play with them?
  • What do they do if you are sad or hurt?
  • How do you feel when you are with your friend?
  • Are you both good at the same things? If not how do you encourage one another?