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Today's learning is from BBC Bitesize and you can find all the learning, videos and interactive activities on 


For each subject there are 3 activities, feel free to complete as much or as little as you would like to do.



Today's focus is identifying errors in writing.

Start by reading through the 'Learn' section and watch the short video.


Activity 1: Spotting some errors

Work through the interactive activity highlighting the errors. How many can you spot?


Activity 2: Let's write about yourself

How do you keep fit and healthy? Maybe you play sports or do regular exercise.

Write three sentences that tell somebody which exercises or sports you enjoy doing and why you do them.

  • Make sure you include joining words in your sentences. These are words that join two clauses in a sentence together. They are words like and, but and or.
  • Once you've written your sentences make sure you double check your spelling, punctuation and use of capital letters.


Activity 3: Let's correct mistakes.

Work through the activity, rewriting the sentences with the mistakes corrected.



Today's focus is learning about the properties of 2D shapes.

Start by watching the video that explores the properties of some 2D shapes.


Activity 1: 2D shape hunt


2D shape hunt

Let's see what 2D shapes we can find around the house.

You will need a pencil and a piece of paper.

Look around the house for 2D shapes. Draw them on your piece of paper.
Can you draw and label:

  • the sides
  • the vertices
  • lines of symmetry


Activity 2: Count sides on 2D shapes

Activity 3: Count vertices on 2D shapes

Wider curriculum (history)

Today's focus is learning about the life, actions and achievements of William Shakespeare.


Start by reading through the 'Learn' section and watch the short video all about William Shakespeare.


Activity 1

Using the interactive activity, can you put the key events of Shakespeare's life in the correct order?


Activity 2

Complete the word search finding all the key words of his life and works.