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Personal, Social, Emotional Development


Our Jigsaw theme this half term is changing me.


This week we are thinking about "respecting my body".


Stand still and place your hand on your heart - can you feel it beating? Is it beating fast or slow?


Play the jelly bean game with an adult or sibling using the instructions below. Repeat each instruction until your heart rate has risen:

  • jumping bean - jump up and down
  • runner bean - run around 
  • string bean - stretch up tall and walk aroun


Once you've played the bean game, stand still again and place your hand back over your heart. Can you feel it beating now? Is it beating fast or slow? Has it changed now you've exercised? Has anything else changed? Do you feel warmer? Has your breathing changed? 


Do you think these changes when you exercise are good or bad for your body?


What else is good for your body? What else makes you feel good?


Expressive Art and Design

Outside, collect some natural objects. You could collect stones, twigs, grass, petals (remember not to pick flowers only choose those that have fallen on the ground). Create some "transient" art using your objects. Transient art means to create a picture that can be changed and isn't fixed. If you want you could take a picture and share it on Tapestry.



Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews

You can watch Ten Black Dots here.