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Hello everyone, here are some activities that you can do each day to help with your home learning.

Physical Education



Join Joe Wicks - The Body Coach this morning at 9:00 am on




BBC Bitesize have daily lessons at 

All these lessons are suitable for year 1.



Monday 22nd June 2020



This week in we are going to be looking at an outdoor toy that you all enjoy using.  The toy is a bottle of bubbles.  Today’s story is about the place where bubbles are made.  It is called The Bubble Factory written by Tomie de Paolo.  You can find the story on YouTube if you click on the link below.


With an adult listen to the story and at the end discuss it with them. Ask each other questions about what they can remember about the story. Think about who was in the story.  Where was the story set?  Draw a picture of the front cover of the story book.





Daily Practise  

Daily Practise: Choose a number of the day e.g. 5. Practise counting to 5 and on from 5. Count out groups of 5 objects (5 dolls, 5 bricks, 5 pens). See how many places you can spot the numeral 5. Change the number each day and use larger numbers.



Todays activity is to choose a number fact (e.g. 7+3=10). Ask your child what else they can find out from this fact (e.g. 3+7=10, 10 - 7=3, 10 - 7=3). It is important that children understand subtraction can ‘undo’ an addition and therefore it is the inverse.   They may also be able to find other facts, such as near doubles, too, e.g. 30+70=100, 70+30=100, 100-30=70 and 100-30=70). How quickly can you find all associated facts? 






The activity for your science learning is to watch a video about bubbles.  This video tells you all you need to know about how bubbles are formed and why they have the structure they have.  Watch the video on the link below.


After watching it see if you can answer some of these questions. If you cannot from the video research for your answers on the internet.


  • Why do bubbles have colour?
  • Why are bubbles round?
  • Why do bubbles pop?
  • What is the biggest bubble ever made?
  • What is the best bubble solution?
  • How can I make my own bubble tools?