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Newsletter 17.06.22


17th June 2022

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Our Christian theme this half term is: Friendship


If you, or a member of your household, has a Covid-19 test result that is positive at ANY time – during school term time OR during the holiday period – you must contact school and inform them at:



Welcome Back:


Welcome back to school.  We hope you have all enjoyed a lovely half term break and look forward to a happy and successful summer term!



Weekly Awards:


Our Weekly Award winners are:



Albie Simpson

Thomas Owens

Eva Langston

Riley Heaton

Lilly-May Ogden

Riley Diveney-Hyde

Hadi Sajad

Max Pockert



Understands that everyone is unique and special.

Isabella Conner

Esme Rourke-Hughes

Ewa Mazur

Oscar Young

Leila Meah

Whole of Year 4

Mason Andrew

Alex Cashin




Birthday Book Club:


As we are a healthy school, we do not encourage children bring in sweet treats for their class friends to celebrate their birthday. We are also asking that alternatives, such as bubbles, are also not given out in school. What we do is ask is, if they would like to, they bring in a new book for their class reading corner. This will last for many years, and will be a lovely gift to the whole class in celebration of their birthday.  Each time a book is donated for a child’s birthday a label is put in the front commemorating this.  This way every child who chooses to read the book in future will know who donated it and why.  In addition to this, the whole school will celebrate the birthday when the book is presented by your child in the whole school assembly, where they will feel extra special too.

The cost of donating a book, that will be a lasting reminder of your child’s birthday, will be less than providing a whole class of alternative treats that will be finished before the end of the day.

Thank you.



Sunny Weather:


We have enjoyed some lovely sunny weather this week.  Hopefully, this will be with us now, through the summer months.  

Please ensure your child’s safety when the sun is out by making sure they are wearing sun cream, and have a sun hat in school for play time and lunch time.



Changing Your Child’s Lunch Provision:


If you wish to change your child’s provision for lunch either from packed lunches to school dinners, or school dinners to packed lunches, please let Miss Fitzgerald know in the school office, in writing, giving at least one full week’s notice to avoid being charged.  If the office is unaware of a meal pattern change, you could be liable for paying for the dinners still being provided for your child. Due to the new system for recording dinners for the kitchen, dinners can only be on a school dinner OR packed lunch basis and not a combination of the two. Thank you.


Attendance and Holidays in Term Time:


Please make sure your child is in school every day, unless they are unable to attend due to illness.

Don’t forget the Attendance Challenge at the end of the school year!  Our lucky winner last term won a Kindle Fire.  Make sure your child’s name is in the draw!


Headteachers are no longer allowed by law to authorise term-time holidays.  This has been in place since September 2013.  Parents will be fined by the local authority for taking children out of school during term-time to go on holiday.

Please book your holidays during the school holidays to avoid being fined by the local authority. Oldham are now fining for holidays in term time.

If school has been notified that a child is off due to illness when they are in fact away on holiday, and this comes to our attention, this will be regarded as an unauthorised absence and recorded as such.


Diary Dates


Tuesday, 21st June – Year 6 trip to Castleshaw – late return

Wednesday, 22nd June – Year 4 at The Bridgewater Hall

Monday, 27th June – Year 3 trip to West Kirby

Tuesday, 28th June – Year 2 trip – secret destination

Monday, 4th July – Year 1 trip to Science and Indusrty Museum

Thursday, 7th July – Year 6 trip to Castleshaw

Wednesday, 13th July – KS2 Sports Day – 9.30-10.30

                                       KS1 Sports Day – 1.45-2.45

Thursday, 14th July – Nursery & Reception Sports Day 2-3pm

Tuesday, 19th July – Break up for the summer break