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Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing


Children’s Mental Health Week starts on 1st February, and the theme this year is ‘express yourself’.

Children’s mental health charity Place2Be have created a set of resources to help primary schools celebrate the week. This PowerPoint assembly and guidance below explores why being able to express ourselves matters, and encourages children to think of creative ways they can share their feelings.

Children's Mental Health Week assembly - with BAFTA Kids and Oak National Academy

We've teamed up with BAFTA Kids and Oak National Academy to create a free assembly featuring pupils and well known-faces discussing the theme of 'Express You...

The assembly is 25 minutes long.

For younger children, you may wish to pause and discuss the themes to break up the length. Here are some suggested discussion points and things to try at home or in class:

  1. 08:04: How do you like to express yourself creatively? How does it make you feel?
  2. 09:24: If you could design your own hat (or other item of clothing) to express yourself, what would it be like and why?
  3. 16:08: Why not have a go at your own Draw your Feelings activity? Check out our 2 minute demo video.
  4. 19:41: If you had magical powers, what spell would you cast for Children’s Mental Health Week?
  5. 23:44: Could you have a go at the BAFTA Young Presenter competition? Find out more.