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Financial Information

*The government guidelines state that schools must publish financial information on their websites.  

There are no employees across the federation whose salary exceeds £100,000.


We use the the government school benchmarking website to compare staff costs and structure to other comparable schools – allowing us to manage resources to support high quality teaching to get the best education for pupils



Financial benchmarking can be a valuable process as it enables comparisons of income and expenditure with other schools. With this comparison we are then able to consider how our resources can be used more efficiently and identify areas of improvement that may be required.



Benchmarking is a requirement for the School Financial Value Standard (SFVS) that all maintained school governors need to complete. Benchmarking allows us to understand our position and identify areas of strengths & areas to improve.

Areas of expenditure to consider may be:

  • Teachers costs
  • Support staff costs
  • Supplies and services of both educational resources or non-educational resources
  • Building maintenance and improvement


IMPORTANT: Benchmarking is only a guide, sometimes we find ourselves at the end of the spectrum, lower or higher than other establishments; we consider the reasons for this.There could be special circumstances that explain why our school appears in the upper or lower quartile. Special circumstances are taken into account when comparing ourselves to similar educational establishments.

Click here to view our benchmarking information