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At St. Martin’s we believe that the learning of Geography should inspire pupils to have a curiosity and fascination about the world in which they live. Geographers at St. Martin’s will get a wider perspective on their world and it will stimulate their interest into finding out more by seeing, doing, enquiring and experiencing.

Alongside important geographical knowledge, children are encouraged to develop transferable skills they can use across the curriculum and in later life, such as asking perceptive questions, thinking critically and examining evidence.

Geography is a foundation subject in the National Curriculum. The fundamental knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject are set out in the National Curriculum programmes of study.

How can I support my child with Geography?

  • Talk about the local area when you are out and about.
  • Share road maps/sat nav maps when going on a journey.
  • Talk about holiday destinations and compare them with your home town.
  • Discuss the weather and watch weather forecasts together.
  • Hunt for signs when you are on a journey.
  • Collect postcards of places and make a place scrapbook.
  • Look at food items and talk about where they come from.
  • Discuss the features of places and countries seen on the television or in films.  Compare them to where we live.
  • Look at atlases, globes and digital maps such as google Earth when planning holidays to other countries.

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