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Health & Movement

How do our bodies get nutrients from food? | BBC Teach

Ella eats a healthy balanced breakfast whilst Jamie just eats a chocolate biscuit. Presenter Zoe explains how a mix of foods with slow-release energy gives us the nutrients we need and fills us up. She then performs a demonstration of the journey our food takes from our mouth through our body, using a collection of buckets, a potato masher, a sponge and some rather nauseated pupils.

Food Groups And Nutrition

We all know eating healthy is important - but why? What are these mysterious "nutrients" that are hiding in these healthy foods? This fun animated Miniclip delves into the world of nutrients and how they help keep us healthy and energised!

Your Super Skeleton!

Maybe you've seen skeletons in museums, or in Halloween decorations, but do you know how powerful your skeleton really is?

How do our muscles and bones work? | BBC Teach