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School Sport


Year 5/6 Netball

3rd Place

Our netballers were great representatives of St Martin's. They worked well as a team, but despite a valiant effort the ball just wouldn't go in the net.

Well done: Allissia, Summer, Sophie. Hope, Lilly, Lacey and Verity!

Year 3/4 Dodgeball

2nd Place

Our Year 3/4 dodgeballers worked incredibly well together to end the competition unbeaten. They drew 2 and won 5 and showed great sportsmanship towards the other teams.

Well done: Freya, Pearl, Harry, Vincent, Lee and Lewis!

Year 5/6 Dodgeball


A fantastic effort from our dodgeballers. They worked fantastic as a team and were very supportive of each other and the other teams.

Well done: Charlie, Kaide, Keira, Hope, Isak and Riley!

Year 3/4 Multi-Skills

Our Year 3/4 Multi-Skills team were fantastic representatives of St Martin’s. They participated incredibly well and were very supportive of the other schools.

Well done: Tyler, Taylor, Ellie, Olivia, Rose and Oscar!

Year 5/6 Archery


A superb effort from our archers. They all participated with great enthusiasm and talent. Special congratulations to Ezmae who nearly equalled the record number of points!

Well done: Ezmae, Darragh, Verity and Elliot!

Year 3/4 Archery

3rd Place

A fantastic effort from our archers. They were fantastic representatives of St Martin's. We definitely have a future Robin Hood in the wings with Harry.

Well done: Callum, Harry, Emilie, Scarlett, Amy-Leigh and Leila

Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics


An absolutely stunning performance by our Sports Hall Athletics team to take the win. They had amazing drive and determination. They are one of the best athletics teams we have ever had!

Well done: Isaac, Kamarii, Lucas, Oliver, Allissia, Summer, Amelia, Sophie

Year 5/6 Girls Football

4th Place

Our girls team played well, especially in the second round of games and with some of the girls having never played a competitive game of football before.

Well done: Kanitta, Lacey, Alyssa, Allissia, Gracey Mai, Sophie, Summer, Imogen

Cross Country:




Eva - 3rd

Willow - 4th

Hunter - 6th

Kaysen - 7th

Year 3/4 Girls: CHAMPIONS

Chloe - 3rd

Freya - 4th

Aurora - 5th

Evie - 7th

Year 3/4 Boys: CHAMPIONS

Vincent - 1st

Harry - 3rd

Israel - 4th

Lewis - 5th

Year 5/6 Girls: CHAMPIONS

Allissia- 3rd

Amelia - 5th

Gracey Mai - 6th

Summer - 8th

Year 5/6 Boys: CHAMPIONS

Isaac - 1st

Kamarii - 2nd

Oliver - 5th

Jayden - 13th

Henry - DNF

Year 5/6 Boys 'B' Team Football

4th Place

Our 'B' team played well, but just couldn't find the back of the net. Well done for an excellent attitude, even when not winning.

Well done: Logan, Lucas, Henry, Oliver, Mason, Brody, Logan

Year 5/6 Boys 'A' Team Football


Congratulations to our 'A' team on winning their football competition. They only let in one goal and won 9 and drew 1 of their matches.

Well done: Isaac, Thomas, Archie, Dennis, Alex, Kamarii, Nathan