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Year 6


Welcome to Year Six!

Update: Homework will be set by booster groups as and when the leading adult feels appropriate.  

Spelling test - Thursday, new spellings out Friday. 

We have PE on a Friday afternoon, so please make sure your PE kit is in school.

 READING: book bags are to be taken home and brought back to school daily. Although we provide you with independent reading time in school, it is important for you to be reading at home too. 

The More That You Read" Dr. Seuss Inspired Word Art Freebie

Summer 1

Maths - Unit 10: Percentages, Unit 11: Measure - perimeter, area and volume, Geometry and Statistics

English - Charles Darwin's voyage to the Galápagos: Diary Entry

Science: Seeing Light

PSHE (Jigsaw): Relationships

RE: U2.10 Is it better to express your religion in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?

       U2.11 What does religion look like in Oldham? What will make our community a more respective place?

PE: Cricket

Music: Ukulele Lessons

Computing:  Text Adventures

History: complete The Ancient Greeks 

              Geography - Our World in the Future

My Happy Mind: Relate

Handwriting: The Curly Caterpillar Family (c, a, d, e, s and g)


Week commencing 13th May - SATs Week

Revision Links


Just a reminder...

We have decided to re-brand our SPOT bands to SHINE bands in line with our school ethos. 

To achieve and keep your SHINE band you must be:

S - spiritually & socially responsible

H - high achievers

I - Independent

N - Nurtured

E - Empowered to meet life's challenges

Here are a few examples of how you might show this:

  • persevere in your learning
  • show respect to the school and the people in it
  • make sure you are listening at all times
  • take pride in your presentation
  • demonstrate excellent manners
  • try to have a growth mindset
  • be a true role model

ALL of the time!

Books we have read so far:


The Final Year by Matt Goodfellow | Parrot Street Book Club  

10.10.23 Trip to the Library

Year 6 were exceptional on their trip to the library and showed exemplary behaviour during their visit. They listened well, enjoyed exploring the library, reading books and taking part in activities such as the scavenger hunt.

This was our first visit and definitely won't be our last.


Year 6 SHINE bright while they shine a light on their reading.