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PSHE - Jigsaw

Good morning Year 5,

As it is Monday morning, I would like you to start with our Jigsaw (PSHE) lesson as we would in school.

This morning

WALT: explore a range of jobs carried out by different people we know



  • explore different professions
  • understand the importance of all roles
  • look at and understand different salaries


A salary is a form of payment from an employer to an employee, which may be specified in an employment contract. 



Please write a list different people you know and the jobs that they do.




Brother = builder

Aunty Laura = nurse


Calm me -

Use the full video smiley


Activity 1


1st sheet – if someone is available to play charades with you

Choose a job from the cards provided (if you can’t cut them out, just write your chosen one down but don’t tell whoever you are playing with) and then act out the job role (charades). Take it in turns to work through the job roles. Have fun J.

If you can’t do this now, don’t worry – maybe save it for another time.


Activity 2


2nd sheet – now take some time to research the different job roles and see if you can find the average salary for each job (how much they are paid yearly).

Activity sheets - In your Home Learning packs