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Welcome to Reception's Home Learning page.

Reception's email address is:

Please use this email address for learning-related questions.

For information on how to use this email address safely go to our Safeguarding page.

Please share any lovely home learning on Tapestry or on the class email - we would love to see it.

Home Learning Challenges

Please feel free to record what your child makes, learns or discovers on Tapestry. We’d love to see!


Can you make a dance pattern using 5 different movements e.g. jump, clap, turn, roll, stomp?

Play Kim’s game. Ask your grown-up to collect 5 or 6 small objects. Practice naming them all. Ask your grown-up to hide them under a blanket/tea towel. Close your eyes while your grown-up takes one item away. Can you guess which item is missing?

We have had lots of change recently and have had to be really flexible! Can you try something completely new this week? You could try a new food, a new drink or a new experience.

Can you complete the Garden Scavenger Hunt?

The link is below the table.


How many answers can you work out?


Can you find your house on google maps? Can you find our school? Can you follow the route you walk or drive to get to school?

Can you move like a minibeast?


Click the link below to have a go at the science investigation.