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The last few weeks we have been working through all of the Year 2 common exception words, and we have now practiced them all.


Your spelling challenge for this week is to go back and practice all of the year 2 common exception words in as many creative ways as possible.


Some ideas could be:

  • Make a spelling word origami fortune teller
  • Make and use a 'word catcher' using a fly swatter.
  • Use scrabble pieces to make the words
  • Create your own crossword puzzle.
  • Trace the words in rainbow colours.
  • Text the words to each other.
  • Make a word search.
  • Play hangman
  • Make up a spelling word song
  • Play the 'add-a-letter' game. Start with the first letter of the word and then each time you write it add the next letter.
  • Play a 'What letter is missing?' game
  • Put them in alphabetical order
  • Act them out