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Thursday 2nd April



Today's task is all about practising using commas in lists. Find between 3 and 5 different objects in at least 3 different. Use the items to write a list of what you have found in each one. Write a new list for each room.

For example In my bathroom I have shampoo, a toothbrush, towels and a tube of toothpaste.


Remember to use commas in the correct places and use 'and' between the last 2 items you list.




Today's maths task follows on from what you learnt yesterday about unit fractions. You will be practising finding non-unit fractions, i.e. more than one part of a fraction.


You will find the helpful video on under Week 2 Lesson 4.

I have attached the worksheet and answers if you need them.

Wider curriculum (RE)


Today's task is a continuation of what you started yesterday, learning about the Easter Story and creating your own story map with characters that you can use to retell the story. Don't forget to send me any pictures you task as I'd love to see them. smiley