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Hello everyone, here are some activities that you can do each day to help you with your home learning.

Physical Education

Today, Joe Wickes is not doing his usual Thursday daily PE activities so I thought you like to try these activities on Cosmic Kids Yoga Compilation.



BBC Bitesize have daily lessons at

All these lessons are suitable for year 1.



Thursday 9th July 2020



How many words can you make using these diagraphs?

ch, sh, th, ck, ng, ea, ee, er, oo, ow, ai, ar and or


Have look at these websites and try the different online phonics activities.




Daily Practise: Choose a number of the day e.g. 10. Practise counting to 10 and on from 10. Count out groups of 10 objects (10 dolls, 10 bricks, 10 pens). See how many places you can spot the numeral 10. Change the number each day and use larger numbers.


Today's Activity

Adding and Counting


For this game you will need a dice and a collection of small things such as Lego bricks, sticky shapes or dried pasta. You will also need a pencil and paper.

• Take turns.

• Roll a dice. Take that number of pieces of pasta. Write down the number.

• Keep rolling the dice and taking that number of pieces of pasta. But, before you take them, you must write down your new total.

• For example, Sam has 7. She throws 4. She has to work out how many she will have now. She starts counting from seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven. She writes 11.

• You can only take your pieces of pasta if you are right.

• The first person to collect 20 pieces of pasta wins!





Write a list of all the new things that you have learnt over the 16 weeks that we have not been in school. When you have written the list talk to your family and tell them why you have enjoyed learning new things.


Did you learn how to ride a bicycle?

Do you know how to bake a cake?

Have you been learning how to draw different pictures?

What Maths and English has been new for you?

Do you know how to plant a plant?


You may have learnt something else let me know on the year 1 email address.