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Communication and Language/Understanding the World/Literacy

Birt, Etho and Shu are good friends. Can you talk about your friends, why you like them and the things you play with them? Find a box or a jar at home (you can decorate it if you want) and fill it with all the things you would like to do with your friends when things are a little more normal.


Ask a grown up to help you to write - you will be able to use your phonics to help them think about the first sound in words. Write the special things you want to do with friends on bits of paper ‘I would like to go swimming with Ben.’ Fold them up, put them in your box or jar and put the lid on. Put the box away somewhere special and when we are able, get it out, pick out an activity and find a friend to do it with!



In the book On Sudden Hill Birt feels a bit funny when Shu comes along, why do you think this is? Can you think of anytime you have felt funny when playing with friends in nursery or at home? Birt smashes his box. Why do you think he does this? Have you ever done something wrong because you feel sad or frustrated?