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Good morning everyone I hope you are all well and looking forward to next week, I know I am.



We are comparing numbers to 1000 today which just means numbers that are more or less than each other. The other thing we need to remember for this lesson are the greater than (<) and less than (>) signs as well as the one you know very well equals (=)


Go through the text book pages with an adult where possible and talk about the questions. Once this is done you can complete the practice page as far as you can but remember the challenge is challenging!



We are carrying on with our writing from the boy's point of view and pretending you are him in the Stone Age. Today he is taken on an adventure by Om to see something that is still possible to see today. Go through the pages below and write a few sentences about how you might be feeling before and after you enter the cave with Om.


You might begin like this:


Today Om took me to a very special place. We walked for a long way until we came the entrance of a cave that looked dark and gloomy from the outside. I wasn't too frightened though because I had a Stone Age flaming torch with me and Om appeared to be more excited than anything else, so I pushed away my fear and followed her inside. WOW!!! It was amazing!

Religious Education


You will need to watch the short film in which David explains how the Jewish holy book, the Torah, helps him to live a good life in his religion. Once you have seen the film then you'll need to complete the sheet filling in the gaps with the correct words.