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Good morning Year 3.

It's been really nice seeing some of you on our Google meet but please remember if you have any questions at all then that is the time to ask or you can email me and I'll either email back or phone - which ever you prefer.

Today we will watch a video for our RE lesson which will be based around


Our PE lesson will focus on catching and throwing.


We are looking at nouns today in our SPaG lesson - remember a noun is what we call something like a table or chair, boy or girl and so on. Then an adjective describes a noun so, blue, big, tiny...

For reading please continue to log into Bug Club.


In geography we are learning all about how volcanoes are formed and how they erupt.


Enjoy your learning today and remember to join in with the Google Meet session later.


You will need some space, a ball or bean bag and something to throw them into like a bucket or mop bucket maybe - just something to aim for. Begin by passing the ball back and forth with someone in your house - brother or sister maybe. Them challenge each other to try to throw the ball into the bucket making sure you move further away each time. If you have a basketball hoop you could also try scoring into the basket remembering the correct way of throwing Mr Mulock has taught you.



In this video you will find out about the life of Jesus and his miracles. You will need to write down the answers to the task questions and tasks in your book with the title RE - Life of  Jesus and don't forget the date.

Today's SPaG lesson is all about noun phrases so think adjective, adjective, noun in a sentence like this:


big, black cat

adj, adj, noun..



In this lesson we will be looking closely at how volcanoes are formed and how they erupt and you  can even make your own volcano if you want to

You'll need to label the worksheet in your pack with the stages in the eruption of a volcano - don't worry all the information is in the power point. I have put a copy here to remind you which one it is.