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Thursday 14th January


Good morning to everyone and thank you for looking at the Year 1 Home Learning page.  Each day I will be adding learning for you to do at home.  To get you ready for your learning each morning we will be doing a warm up activity.  This morning’s activity is Yoga from the Cosmic Kids website.  Follow the link below.


Morning Warm Up


Tiny the T-Rex | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube




Please can you write these sentences from the story of The Big Dark out again adding the correct punctuation?

Here are some types of punctuation you could use - capital letters, full stops, commas and question marks (A . , and ?).  Remember to use finger spaces.

The first one has been done for you.


The big cold had frozen the sea solid.

chinoo took a ball out of his bag and threw it

the polar bear and chinoo played hide-and-seek in the snow

chinoo saw a baby polar bear a wolf cub and a walrus

can we go fishing now the sun is out         




Counting on Activity


What you need:

Dice (in home learning pack)

Small object – counters, lego, dry pasta shapes

Pencil (in home learning pack)


Number line ( in home learning pack)

For this game you will need a dice and a collection of small things such as Lego bricks, sticky shapes or dried pasta. You will also need a pencil and paper.


 • Take turns.

  Roll a dice. Take that number of pieces of pasta. Write down the number.

 • Keep rolling the dice and taking that number of pieces of pasta. But, before you take them, you must write down your new total.

  For example, Sam has 7. She throws 4. She has to work out how many she will have now.  She starts counting from seven: eight, nine, ten and eleven. She writes 11.

 • You can only take your pieces of pasta if you are right. • The first person to collect 20 pieces of pasta wins!


Your number line will help you.




Things you will need:

Your body

Your voice

Your brain

A teddy or a toy


In this lesson, we will be learning about pulse, how to find it and how to move our body in time to the beat. For this lesson you will need to click on the link below.




Each day I would like you to practise your phonics.  In school we use the Letters and Sounds scheme to help us learn our phonics.  To re cap and improve on your learning follow the link below and watch and listen to Rachel's video. 

Monday Lesson 1- Year 1 - YouTube

Tuesday Lesson 2 - Year 1 - YouTube

Wednesday Lesson 3 - Year 1 - YouTube

Thursday Lesson 4 - Year 1 - YouTube

Friday Lesson 5 - Year 1 - YouTube

You will be able to use your whiteboard and pen from your home learning pack to help you.


You can also use the use the websites below to help learn your phonics sounds.

You can log in with the following details:

username: jan21

password: home




It is important that you carry on practising your reading skills whilst you are at home. 

You all have books in your Bug Club library on the Active Learn website.

ActiveLearn: Login (

All books have questions for you to answer once you have read a book.  If you cannot remember your Username or Password please email me on the class email address.