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Thursday 16th April 2020

Hello Year Four, I hope you are all ok. Your learning challenges for today are below. Please use the class email address ( if you have any questions about your learning or if you want to share anything you have learned at home. Keep shining!



Please look at the picture below, then choose some of the activities to do in your exercise book from school. You could share your learning with your teachers by asking a parent to help you send a picture of your learning to your class email address.




Story starter!

His eyes blinked. They were the only part of his body that he could move: he was entombed in ice, and had been for some time. The person that had put him here was far away by now.

Glancing around in desperation he tried to move his aching body, but it was no good - there didn’t seem to be a way out. Time was slipping away… He had to escape. If he didn’t, then darkness would cover the world…


Question time!

Do you prefer summer or winter?

Is it easier to keep yourself warm in a cold place, or keep yourself cold in a warm place?

How would you feel if you could only move your eyes? What would life be like?

Could you think of a way to communicate if you could only use your eyes?


Perfect picture!

Imagine that the sun came out and all of the ice melted. What would the picture look like? Draw or describe what you have imagined.


Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

The man was scared. He tried to move but could not. His mind raced.



Have a look at . First watch today's video, pausing it to try out ideas, then have a go yourself.

Parents can sign up for information about maths at home here... .


Visit and watch the video for Week 2 Lesson 3 – Hundredths as decimals. The video will really help with the activities, which can be found below (with the answers too):

Curriculum - Music

Listen to the Beatles song 'Blackbird' in the video below. Listen and appraise like you usually do at school...

  • How does this song make you feel?
  • Does this song tell a story?
  • What does the song make you think of?
  • How old is this piece of music?


  • Did the tempo stay the same througout the song?
  • In music, dynamics means how quiet or loud the music is. What are the dynamics of this song?
  • Can you identify the instruments/voices that you heard?
  • Did the instruments and voices play throughout the song?
  • What is the style of music?
  • Did you like the song?

Blackbird (Remastered 2009)

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Blackbird (Remastered 2009) · The Beatles The Beatles ℗ 2009 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Univ...

Curriculum - PE


Joe Wicks will be sharing an online workout each day at 9am. Why not have a go with your family each day. Exercise is great for your physical AND mental health, especially if you're staying at home.


Join Joe Wicks - The Body Coach -  every morning at 9:00am on YouTube!