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Get up and get active- this morning I would like you to log on to Joe Wicks the body coach and join in :) 



WALT: understand thousandths


Please watch Week 1 - lesson 4 before completing the questions.

Numeracy questions and answers.



WALT: create expended noun phrases



  • choose and name the noun
  • 2 adjectives to describe
  • comma in between the 2 adjectives
  • use the correct determiner (a, an, the) 


Using yesterday's learning, I want you to create 5 - 10 expanded noun phrases to describe what is behind the secret door and inside the secret garden. 


Here are some examples:


the tall, wooden door


the exotic, colourful birds


the never-ending, green grass


the stormy, dark sky


Remember it's what you can see when you enter the secret garden (not me). Use you imagination and think about rich vocabulary (wow words) you can use to describe. 


You don't need a A or . as they are phrases (which are a part of a sentence). 


If you want to add extra detail and create a sentence, please do this as your challenge. For example: 


As I entered, the tall, wooden door creaked


The exotic, colourful birds circling the sky above me caught my attention. What was this place? Where am I?