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Thursday 16th April


English and Wider curriculum (STEM)


Oh no! Jack has done it again. He can't resist magic beans and he is being chased by the giant. The giant has learnt from his past mistakes and has blocked Jack's way back down the beanstalk so he can't climb down! Jack needs another plan of escape. That's where YOU come in.



Your STEM task: Build Jack a parachute to help him escape the giant

- Your parachute can be made out of whatever materials you can find at home (paper, tissue paper, coffee filter, plastic bag, light material)

- Use string or some other way of attaching the parachute to 'Jack'. Perhaps you could use a lego or other small figure to be Jack.


1 - Test and record how quickly Jack falls from a tall height without a parachute.

2 - Test and record how quickly Jack falls using his parachute.


How much slower does his parachute make him?

How can you improve your parachute to make the time it takes Jack to fall to the ground longer?

Could it be bigger or lighter?


Don't forget to take pictures! I'd love to see your parachutes and Jack in action 


Here is more information and pictures of each step to help you


Your English task:

Once you have made and tested your parachute for Jack, write and describe what you did to make it. You should include:

- Numbered steps     1.   2.   3.

Time adverbials to sequence your steps    First, Next, Then, After that, Finally

- Lots of detail so others could follow and try what you did, including adjectives and adverbs    

       long, light, flexible, quickly, tightly

- Capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.




Today's maths task follows on from the measurement learning you started yesterday.


Work through Summer Term Week 1 - Lesson 4 - Measuring length (m)