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Good morning Year 2!


Here are your learning tasks for today.



Tomorrow we are going to write a diary entry about finding the treasure chest and then how you got it back up to the surface.


In today's learning, we are going to plan out our ideas so we are ready to write tomorrow.


A diary entry always starts with 'Dear diary,'. It's very similar to writing a letter. You have to remember that your diary knows nothing about what you have been doing so you have to give lots of details. Let's plan out those details now.


In your English book, write down and work through these different steps to plan out your diary entry ready for tomorrow. These don't need to be in full sentences, they can be bullet points or notes of your ideas.


  • Write down at least 3 words to describe what kind of day it has been. ( for example exciting, suprising, enjoyable)
  • Write down at least 3 feeling words to describe how you felt when you found the treasure.
  • Write down at least 3 adjectives to describe the treasure that you found.
  • Write down at least adjectives to describe the dolphins who helped you carry the treasure.
  • Write down at least 3 different ideas of what you might do with treasure now you have found it.


We might not use all of these ideas tomorrow, but it's always a good idea to have lots of different ideas and then you can pick your favourite one to use in your writing.



Today's learning in maths follows on from counting different coins and from making particular amounts using the same coin. Being able to make particular amounts with money is a very important life skill that you will need as you get older.

Today's lesson will start really practically using either real coins or the paper coins that are in your home learning pack.


Task 1

Set up a toy shop at home. You might want to choose some of your favourite toys, books, items around your house and give them all a price that is less than 50p. Using the coins can you practice making the amount for one of your items in your shop.


If your item costs 26p, start by

  • finding a way to make 20p. Perhaps you can use a 20p coin or 2 10p coins.
  • Then find a way to make the 6p. Perhaps it could be 6 1p coins, or 3 2p coins or even 5p + 1p.


Work through the different items in your shop, showing how you would pay for them using the coins.


Task 2

Work through the worksheet, making the different amounts shown. Draw the coins that you would use. A copy of the worksheet is in your home learning packs.

Reading and phonics

Each day I would like you to log into Bug Club and read a book from your library. It is really important that you keep up your brilliant reading skills while you are at home.


It is also really important for you to keep practicing your phonic skills that we have worked really hard on last term. 

This week here are some phonic websites for you to use:


        Phonics play are once again offering a free log in for children and families to use at home.

     You may log in with the following details:

     username: jan21

     password: home


In this lesson we will be learning about pulse, how to find it and how to move our body in time to the beat. We will be using the Oak Academy lesson for this. The only thing you will need for this lesson is your body and careful listening ears!


Follow this link for the lesson