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Good morning everyone I hope you're all feeling ok and ready to start another day of learning. Please remember that I have now got all your lessons online and they are available throughout the day and not just at the times it says on the timetable so don't worry if you can't access them at the time it says.


Today you are learning how to divide by 10 using place value in maths, so the opposite of yesterday. For  your English you are looking at description of characters and settings so you'll be using adjectives to describe nouns.


Geography today you are finding out how volcanoes are made and for your guided reading you will be looking at the second lesson on the traditional tale of Mulan.



Dividing by 10 uses a similar idea as multiplying by 10 only the digits move to the right instead of the left making the number 10 times smaller. 



Today you will be doing some work around describing characters and settings, this means you will be thinking about what people look like and how they behave or feel and where they are and how that looks and feels. Remember you'll need to use adjectives to describe nouns e.g. a curious, determined girl and a lonely, quiet man.

Guided Reading

Today you will listen to the teacher reading the text and then answer questions about what has happened in the story and how some of the characters respond to each other.



Today you are learning about the Holy Trinity and what that means for Christians.