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Good morning year 2! here are your learning activities for today smiley



Today's learning objective is to use subordinating conjunctions (when, if, that, because)

Follow this link for the interactive lesson



Today's learning objective is to compare numbers using mathematical language.

Follow this link for the interactive lesson

Your worksheets are in your home learning pack.



Today's sound that we are learning about is the alternative 'aw' sound such as jaw.

Watch this video and then work through the 3 worksheets in your pack.

Sheet 1 - roll a dice or pick a number and practice writing the words. Can you put the sound buttons under?

Sheet 2 - work through the 3 different sections

Sheet 3 - Read through the postcard and underline/ highlight when you find a word that has the 'aw' sound.



Log into Bug Club and read through one of your books. Remember to answer the questions that go with your book.



We will be continuing with our unit on pulse. In today's lesson we will be learning how sound patterns fit into a pulse.

Follow this link for the interactive lesson