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Virtual Snack Time

Bring a healthy snack and join us for snack time at 9.30am. The link will be sent via Parentmail.


You can also bring your "t" items that you found in your phonics learning yesterday.


Today we are learning about rhythm and rhyme.


Click here to join Maddison for today's learning.


There is a craft activity at the end of the video, as always this is optional. 


You may want to try out your rhyming skills by clicking here to play the Cake Bake game on Phonics Play.


Access to Phonics Play is free at the moment using the username: jan21 and the password:home

Motor Skills

Sand writing - this is the activity we did a couple of weeks ago. Remember if you don't have any sand, you could use flour or salt or even soil from your garden!


Click here for Miss Fabian's instructions


We are continuing our learning in the phase "It's me 1,2,3". Today we are learning to say one more than a given number.


Click here for today's learning.

Topic - Understanding the World

Watch this video of the Chinese New Year story.


This year is the year of the Ox. With help from a grown up, can you find out some information about the ox. What type of animal is it? What does it eat? Perhaps you could make a little information booklet or draw a picture. Could you find out some information about one of the other animals in the story?


Watch this video about how Chinese New Year is celebrated.


Can you make a dancing Chinese dragon like we saw in the video?


Click here for instructions to make one.

Nursery Rhyme of the Day

Wind the bobbin up


Click here for today's nursery rhyme on YouTube.

Story Time Click here for today's story time with Miss Fabian - Lost and Found