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Good morning everyone - I'll try not to log off today without saving your work! Sorry about yesterday it was an accident which meant I had to retype all the links so I'll not be doing that today!


Today you have some more graphs in maths and in geography you'll be looking at the results of earthquakes and how tsunamis are caused. Your guided reading will focus on figurative language in the text.

This link is a good starter for the RE lesson for tomorrow.

You can see inside different churches as if you are there - there are some really beautiful ones so have a go!



Today you will collecting and presenting data (information) in tally charts, tables and graphs so it builds on your previous learning.

Guided Reading


You are still reading the King of the Sky and today you'll be looking at figurative language which is just things like simile - something is like something e.g. The sun shone like a thousand torches. There are others such as metaphor like, the warrior had a heart of stone - it's not literal it just means he doesn't care about others' feelings.



Today learn all about how earthquakes affect people and the causes of tsunamis. Please make sure you complete the quiz before you start.