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WALT: know percentage, fraction and decimal equivalents


Please watch Week 2 - lesson 4 before completing the questions.



WALT: edit our drafts 


Now I would like you to read through your drafts from yesterday and edit in a coloured pen (purple if possible). 

Remember everyone will have edits. We all make mistakes during drafting or forget punctuation (and that's okay smiley). 


Follow my steps to help you edit: 


1. Check capital letters and full steps at the beginning and end of a sentence (not a line). 

2. Check you haven't used a capital letter in the middle of a sentence (randomly - where it isn't needed). 

3. Have you used interesting openers (ISPACE LESSON)? If not, can you add them to your writing now?

4. Have you used a comma after a fronted adverbial (ISPACE openers)? 

5. Have you used wow words and expanded noun phrases?

6. Have you missed a line in between paragraphs?


MAKE SURE YOUR WRITING MAKES SENSE - ask somebody at home to help you edit if they can.