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Thursday 25th Feb

Good morning :  ) Hope you're all ok. 

Today we'll be learning how to solve more multi-step problems in Maths. Look for those key words and numbers that give you clues about what to calculate. Our English focus is to generate ( to make /come up with ) words to describe The Borrowers. I think you'll be great at that as you know the story so well. Continue with your Guided Reading tasks, we have been completing a couple of pages each day- remembering to keep looking back at the original text for information. In R.E. we are thinking about what the word 'salvation' means to Christians. Thanks once again to those of you who have played on Times Tables Rock Stars. Every score adds up to a great group effort. Join us for Google Meet at 12:00 p.m. - it's lovely to see you each day.










MATHS Problem solving: Using all four operations

In today's lesson, we are going to solve a multi-step problem using all four operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson.

ENGLISH - Borrowers Lesson 4

To generate vocabulary for character description.

In this lesson, we will be focusing on key vocabulary to describe each of the characters based on a short clip from an episode of 'The Borrowers'. We will generate vocabulary to develop character descriptions for each character and the different ways we can refer to them in our writing.

CLICK HERE to begin the lesson


In class we will be working on the Find and Copy, Underline and Highlight activities that link to the Guide Dogs text. 

Keep reading your books on Bug Club to keep up with regular, independent reading. Try to read independently for at least 15 minutes per day. If you're reading chapter books, aim for a chapter a day. 


Read through the first RE sheet in your pack.

The second sheet will instruct you to watch these videos

Adam and Eve Video

The Thread Video


CLICK HERE to listen to Cressida Cowell reading chapter 13 of How to Train Your Dragon

CLICK HERE to watch a video showing more about Guide Dogs and how they are expected to behave


Yesterday's picture was a Guided Reading box.

Today's mystery was taken in the Year 4 classroom.