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Today's focus is creating lists in sentences and writing command sentences.

There are 3 learning activities, feel free to complete just 1 or as many as you would like.

Resources and supporting videos can be found on

BBC English Thursday 23.4.20


Activity 1: Let's make a list

If you could grow any fruit or vegetables in the world, what would you grow? Make a list of fruit and vegetables that you would grow and explain what you have chosen them. For example:


"I would grow apples, oranges and pears because my family really like fruit salads."

Try to write three sentences like this one. You could always say them out loud before you write them down, if it helps.


Activity 2: Let's write instructions

Do you know how to look after plants? You might want to have another look at the video in activity 1 to remind you. Write a set of instructions about how to look after a plant.


You will need to:

  • write a mini introduction title to grab the attention of the reader. This could be a question like: 'Do you sometimes struggle with caring for plants? Read on to find out more.'
  • write clear instructions on how to look after plants
  • organise your instructions using numbers and time words (first, next, then, last)


Remember to use 'bossy verbs' in your sentences.


An example of your first instruction could be:

  1. First put your plant in a place where it is light


Activity 3: Let's be creative

What's your name? Names are really important as they are part of our identity. 

Draw 5 fruits or vegetables and then draw a face on each of them. Once you've done this you can add some clothes and accessories on them too. Once you've finished, pick a name for each of them. Some example names could be: Colin the Carrot or Sammy the Strawberry.


Once you have your five characters, write a sentence for each of them introducing who they are and listing the interesting features on them. Remember to use commas in your lists.


Set up shop with someone else in your house. Start by deciding how you much you have to spend, 20p, 50p or £1. Practise finding how much change you should get after you have bought different items.


Challenge: draw the coins that you would get for your change. 


Example: I have £1 to spend. I buy a DVD for 35p.

To find change - 100 – 35 = 65p



Wider curriculum (Art)

Today’s learning task will be learning to draw with children’s book illustrator Rob Biddulph. He has lots of different tutorials and step by step videos to show how to draw different story characters. I particularly enjoyed trying Fred Bear and Eugene the Owl. Choose one (or more than one!) that you fancy trying and have a go.    #drawwithrob