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Understanding the World

Today is St George's Day. St George is the patron Saint of England. Our family groups at school are named after the four patron Saints - St George (red family), St Patrick (green family), St David (yellow family) and St Andrew (blue family). Which family are you in?


Watch the story of George and the Dragon here:


After look at the flag of England:

Have a go at designing your own flag. You could even look at other flags to help you.



Today we also celebrate World Book Night, between 7pm and 8pm this evening families are encouraged to sit down together and share a story. I would like you to choose a book from home and share it with someone at home this evening.


You can find more information about World Book Night here:


You may also find a story here that you would like to share as a family:


Or have a look at CBeebies bedtime stories which can be found on iPlayer or YouTube.