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Thursday 30th April 2020

Hello Year Four, I hope you are all ok. Your learning challenges for today are below. Please use the class email address ( if you have any questions about your learning or if you want to share anything you have learned at home. Keep shining!



Please look at the picture below, then choose some of the activities to do in your exercise book from school. You could share your learning with your teachers by asking a parent to help you send a picture of your learning to your class email address.


Story starter!

Professor Plum had been locked away in his laboratory for days now, barely even stopping to eat or drink.

He rested his left arm on the dusty pile of books scattered across his desk, and with his right hand he gently flicked the conical flask in front of him. The red and orange liquid inside coughed and spluttered as heat from the Bunsen burner excited it from below.

Professor Plum wiped his weary eyes; only the excitement of finally finishing the potion kept him awake. Just a few more hours, then it would be ready…


Sentence challenge!

What sounds might you hear in Professor Plum’s laboratory?

Can you use your senses to describe what it would be like to be in there?


Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help?

He flicked the flask. It had a red liquid inside. It bubbled. The room was smoky.


Question time!

Who is Professor Plum?

What potion is he making?

Has the Professor chosen to lock himself away?

Why hasn’t he had any sleep?

What might the vessels and books on the table contain?

If you could make any magic potion, what would you make?

What do you think the Professor keeps in his pockets?


Perfect picture!

Imagine you have the power and ingredients to make any magic potion. Can you draw and describe your creation?



Have a look at . First watch today's video, pausing it to try out ideas, then have a go yourself.

Parents can sign up for information about maths at home here... .


Visit and watch the video for Summer Term Week 4 – Lesson 3- Ordering money. The video will really help with the activities, which can be found below (with the answers too):

Curriculum -Inspiration



I'm sure that you will have heard of Captain Thomas Moore by now...known as Captain Tom, he is a former British Army officer who has recently become famous for raising millions of pounds for the NHS by completing 100 laps of his garden, just days before his 100th birthday. 


Captain Tom has achieved many things in his life, including...

  • serving in the Second World War
  • racing motorcycles
  • having a number one single
  •  making two separate World Records
  •  having two children and four grandchildren
  •  having his name on a postmark to celebrate his 100th birthday
  • raising a HUGE amount of money for the NHS (almost £30 million on 28.4.20)


Inspired by Captain Tom, perhaps you could try one of the following activities:

  •  make a 100th birthday card for Captain Tom
  • perhaps you might like to make a donation to Captain Tom's NHS charity 
  • speak to someone in your family and research their life achievements
  • draw or paint a picture of yourself on your 100th birthday - what will you look like?
  • look at the list of Captain Tom's achievements and research the many more life achievements of this amazing man
  • use Captain Tom's achievements to inspire you - can you write a list of things you would like to have achieved by your next birthday? What would you like to have achieved by your 20th / 50th / 100th birthdays?


Curriculum - PE


Joe Wicks will be sharing an online workout each day at 9am. Why not have a go with your family each day. Exercise is great for your physical AND mental health, especially if you're staying at home.


Join Joe Wicks - The Body Coach -  every morning at 9:00am on YouTube!