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Letters and sounds


Read and match the Hungry Caterpillar words and pictures.



Play ‘guess the food’.

Have a look at the food the hungry caterpillar has eaten. Describe a food to your grown-up. Can they guess which food you are describing? Think about what it looks, feels and tastes like.



Listen to the days of the week song to help you remember the correct order.


Can you order days of the week and match what the hungry caterpillar ate on each day?



Choose a challenge from the home learning challenges grid.



This week I would like you to share a story over several days. Choose a longer story such as Winne the Pooh by A.A Milne or a story by Roald Dahl. Sharing a little bit each day and talking about what happened in the story the previous day will help memory and attention.


Audible for kids has audiobooks which children can listen to for free:

Dance break of the day

Sing-a-long song

Today's sing-a-long song is linked to maths.