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Maths - Shape, space and Measure

Cut some different shapes out of pieces of paper - squares, circles, rectangles, triangles. You may want to cut several of each shape in different sizes. Can you name each shape? Can you say how many sides each shape has? Can you say how many corners each shape has?


Use your shapes to create a shape picture. You could stick the shapes down or you could place them and then rearrange them to make a different picture afterwards. There are some examples below. Can you make on of these? Perhaps you could try making a robot, a flower or a space scene. Can you design you own picture? Share your pictures on Tapestry. 


Expressive Art and Design

"Take a Chalk for a Walk". Outside, make marks using chalks. How far can you travel without lifting the chalk off the ground? Make different lines - straight ones, curly ones, spiked ones. Using a paintbrush or even your fingers, add water to the marks you have made. What happens to the chalk? Does it look the same?


Communication and Language

At the end of the story penguin said everything! Can you draw a story map just like penguin to show what happened in the story?Please don't worry too much about your picture being perfect this activity is about recapping and retelling the story. What happened in the story? How did penguin arrive? What did penguin do to make Ben talk? What did penguin do to lion? What happened at the end? 


If you would prefer you could retell your story using actions. What does your dizzy dance look like? What does your silly song sound like? What does your funny face look like? Use your imagination - what things would you do to get penguin to talk? 


Click here for more pictures from the story - scroll down to find the stills from the book. Below the stills in an animated version of the story and below that is a "silly song" you can listen to!