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Thursday 7th May 2020

Hello Year Four, I hope you are all ok. Your learning challenges for today are below. Please use the class email address ( if you have any questions about your learning or if you want to share anything you have learned at home. Keep shining!



Please look at the picture below, then choose some of the activities to do in your exercise book from school. You could share your learning with your teachers by asking a parent to help you send a picture of your learning to your class email address.



Story starter!

New York is falling!

The words rang in Jim’s head. They were the last words to crackle out of the radio before it stopped broadcasting. That had been three days ago. Jim had not heard any words since then…


Sick sentences!

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need your help to get better. Can you help?

Jim stood in the city. It was messy. It was very quiet. Jim felt scared.


Question time!

Why had the radio stopped working?

Why hasn’t Jim heard any words for three days?

What has happened in New York?

How do you know the picture is New York?

How do you think Jim is feeling?

What will he do next?

What would you do in Jim’s position?

Has this disaster struck in just this city, or are others affected?


Perfect picture!

One of the first things Jim will do next is to find supplies to help him survive. Can you draw 10 different things that Jim might look to obtain to help him survive?

For example, he might try to find tins of food and bottled water.




Have a look at . First watch today's video, pausing it to try out ideas, then have a go yourself.

Parents can sign up for information about maths at home here... .


Visit and watch the video for Summer Term Week 3 – Lesson 4- Divide 3-digit by a 1-digit number. The video will really help with the activities, which can be found below (with the answers too):

Curriculum - Music



To beatbox using rhythmic patterns


In this lesson, we will learn some basic rhythmic patterns and then use these to beatbox!


Follow the link below...



Curriculum - PE


Joe Wicks will be sharing an online workout each day at 9am. Why not have a go with your family each day. Exercise is great for your physical AND mental health, especially if you're staying at home.