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Physical Development

Plastic Bottle Skittles


Collect some used plastic bottles and add a couple of inches of water to each bottle then replace the lids. Set your bottles up as a set of bowling pins and play! If you do not have a ball you can use some rolled up socks instead. There is a step by step guide here to help you create your game.

If you want you could decorate your skittles. Adding numerals would be a good way of practising recognising numbers. You could even create a points system. Remember to share your game with me on Tapestry. There are some examples below to inspire you!


Understanding the World

Owls are nocturnal animals which means they sleep in the day time and are awake during the night. 


Can you think of any more nocturnal animals? Can you find out about any other nocturnal animals?



You can find out more information about nocturnal animals here:

Expressive Art and Design

Get creative and make me a picture of the nocturnal animal you learn about. You might want to use paint, collage, printing... the choice is yours! Share your picture on Tapestry along with three interesting facts about the animal you have chosen.