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Communication and Language

Ask your child to choose a teddy/dinosaur/doll/rabbit etc that they can look after for the day. Their toy will need help getting up, having a meal, playing with their "friends" and going to bed. They may even need help having a bath and brushing their teeth! By role playing these activities with their toy, your child will be showing their understanding of each of these events. If they need a little help, you can model each activity too. Take photos throughout the day of the different activities that your child completes with their toy. Afterwards, you can look back at the pictures and your child can verbally sequence what they did using language such as first, next, then, last. 


Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Find some pictures of members of your family, friends and other people who are important to your child. Discuss who each person is, what their relationship to you is and why they are important. Remind one another that although you are not seeing each other every day your child is still cared for and loved. 


If you haven't been on Tapestry this week, there may be a special surprise from school from someone who is missing the children a lot!


Expressive Art and Design/Maths

Can you collect some sticks on your social distancing walks, in your garden or from your street? Make sure you stay safe and don't go into the road. Can you make pictures and shapes with your sticks on the floor? How many sticks did you use? Are your sticks long or short? Can you describe your pictures and shapes? 


What other natural objects can you find to make your pictures?



If you can find a "Y" shaped stick, you could try weaving on it. Use some string or wool to wrap around the two forks and then you could thread other natural objects in too.