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WALT: add fractions


Please watch Summer term, Week 5, Lesson 2 before completing the questions.


TOP TIP: make sure the fractions speak the same language.


Questions & Answers


You should now have an opening paragraph and the middle to your story. Can you create an ending (last paragraph) that leaves the reader wanting to know more (creating suspense)?


Last sentence examples:


He turned to the door, without a word, and exited the building. 

Suddenly, the lights came on and the discovery was magnificent. 

The wind howled and everyone had gone. No sight of anyone.


Please remember to miss a line for each new paragraph (like we always have at school - this makes it clear) - you should have 3/4 paragraphs. 


Please remember to use the Y5 writing features I listed in yesterday's task. 




Continue to read the book you chose at the beginning of the week.

Read 10 or more pages.

Now, choose a character from the story to draw. 

Send me pictures of the character with the name of the book as the subject (

I am going to share the pictures on the website for others to guess the book you are reading.

The person to guess the correct title of the book for each character sent in will receive a new book when we return to school.