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Hello everyone, here are some activities that you can do each day to help with your home learning.

Physical Education



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All these lessons are suitable for year 1.



Thursday 11th June 2020



The Toy Box



Above is a picture of a toy box.  There are many different toys in the box.

Please can you choose 8 toys to write about?  You need to adjectives in the sentences to describe the toys.  I have done one for you.


In the toy box I can see a large, brown, fluffy teddy bear.


Please use the correct punctuation in your sentences.  You should use capital letters, commas and full stops.  If you write a question, you will need a question mark.





Can you solve these word problems?  Remember to pick out the important information.


  1. Miss Minnock has 14 cups. She finds 2 more. How many cups does she have all together?
  2. Mrs. Tweedie has 20 sweets. She eats 5 sweets. How many are left?
  3. Mrs. Fitzpatrick has 23 books. Evelyn gives her 3 more. How many books does she have now?
  4. A hen lays 14 eggs. She lays 6 more. How many eggs are there?
  5. There are 19 butterflies. 3 more comes along. How many butterflies are there now?
  6. Sam has 23 toy soldiers. Evelyn has 4. How many toy soldiers do they have all together?
  7. Peter has 29 toy cars. He breaks 3. How many toys cars does he have left?
  8. Benjamin has 20 marbles. He loses 10 marbles. How many marbles does he have left?




Discuss with your mummy and daddy the types of toys that they had when they were children.  Ask them to show you pictures of their toys on the internet.  Talk about whether you would have liked to play with their toys.


Here are some pictures of toys that I had when I was a child.





Tell your adult what your favourite toy is.

Why is this your favourite toy?

What is your toy made of?

Find out what year your favourite toy was made.