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Today's learning is from BBC Bitesize. You can find all of the learning, video and activities on



Today's focus is to be able to identify and write the four different types of sentences.


Start by reading through and watching the video all about statements, exclamations, questions and commands.


Activity 1 writing sentences

Now that you know the different sentence types, try writing some yourself.

  • Write a statement, command, question and exclamation about yourself.
  • Remember to use correct use of capital letters and punctuation.
  • In at least two of your sentences include the joining word and. For example: I am a tall person and I have brown hair.


Activity 2: Let's make a poster

Watch the short video about recycling and then try creating a recycling poster.

  • Make a poster that is full of information about recycling.
  • Make sure you include each of the following sentence types in your poster: questions, commands, statements and exclamations.
  • Include as many facts as you can from the video above.
  • You can decorate your poster with fun images too.


Activity 3: Identifying sentence types

Have a go at this worksheet and see if you can correctly identify the types of sentences.



Today's focus is finding a quarter of a shape and an amount.

To start today's lesson, watch this video from Maths with Parents that explores how to find a half and a quarter of a shape or an amount.


Activity 1: Teddy Bears Picnic

Find your four favourite teddies or toys. They are going to have a teddy bears' picnic!

You will need some items for the teddies to share, for example:

  • 20 grapes
  • 12 raisins
  • 4 plates
  • 1 chocolate bar
  • 4 glasses
  • 1 bottle of water
  • 1 pizza

The teddies want to share everything equally.

Can you make sure that each teddy gets a fair share of the picnic?


Activity 2: Sharing shapes

See if you can find a quarter of these shapes.



Activity 3: Karate cats

Play the fractions level of Karate Cats Maths - can you collect a new costume for your cats.

Wider curriculum (Languages)

Today's focus is learning how to count to twelve in Spanish.


Start by watching the video from Manchester City strike Sergio Aguero showing you how to count up to 12 in Spanish. You can also watch the song from Lingo show on CBeebies and practise counting to three by singing along. You can even try learning how to play a Spanish playground game by watching the video!


Activity 1: Flash card numbers

See if you can remember the Spanish numbers one to ten with the flash cards. If you can't print them, try making your own!


Activity 2: number one to ten crossword

Practise your Spanish numbers with the crossword


Activity 3: Numbers one to thirty

Take it further and learn how to count up to thirty with the second worksheet.