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In the book Ten Black Dots there are 5 buttons on a coat. Can you find out how many buttons are on different coats and jackets in your house? Can you count them? Can you write the numbers?


Find two jackets or coats, count the buttons on one first and then the other, finally count how many buttons there are altogether.


In the book, there are 6 marbles. 3 on one hand and 3 on the other. 


Draw around yours or a grown ups hand so that you have two hands on one piece of paper. Find objects like marbles, blocks, jigsaw pieces to count different numbers into the hands showing half on one hand and half on the other. Can you count the numbers in each and then how many altogether? Can you write the numbers?




Physical Development - Fine Motor

Practise fastening and unfastening buttons on an item of clothing.


Can you find any other fastenings on clothes that you need to practise?


Remember to share what you find on Tapestry.