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Can you find some tasty fruit like in the story Handa's Surprise? Can you share the fruit by working with a grown up to cut or split it into halves and quarters? Are the pieces the same size/equal? How many halves are there? How many quarters are there? Can you share them equally with the people in your home?



Understanding the World

There are lots of different animals in the story Handa's Surprise - can you remember the name of any of them? 


How do animals move, can you move your to move like them? Can you use words to describe how they move and what they are like?


Can you research the animals in the story and other animals that live in Africa? You may need a grownups help with this! What could your use to learn new information? 


If you do learn any new facts remember to share them with Miss Fabian. 


Learn about the African elephant here.


Or use the powerpoint below: