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Thursday 26th March


Reading regularly is very important while you are at home. Your English task today is to read one of your books on Bug Club and answer the questions that go with it. Enjoy!




In class we have been working really hard learning to tell the time. Today I would like you to have a go at making your own clock and practising telling the time. Once you have made your clock, practise reading the clock to the nearest 5 minutes.



Wider curriculum (Computing) 

Today's task is a computing task, however you will not need a computer to be able to complete the task. Part of the computing curriculum is being able to sequence commands for directions.


Using different direction commands, write/ draw the directions the Bee-bot needs to take to get to different parts of the zoo. Record in your books showing how to get from the ice cream van to each of the different animals:


  • ice cream van -> lions
  • ice cream van -> pandas
  • ice cream van -> tigers  -> meerkats
  • ice cream van -> polar bears -> penguins.


Can you make up your own directions to visit different animals in the zoo, starting and finishing in different places?